Raven – An Underrated Bird

More from Jasper… I am still going through and processing the photos from the John Marriott workshop in Jasper.

John mentioned that there were a couple of Common Ravens in a pull-out on the highway. Since we hadn’t seen much in the way of cool that day, we took some time to photograph these birds. It turns out that though a big lens you can see an¬†incredible¬†amount of detail and color including purples and blues.


I loved the colors on the failing paint on the one below. It was such an overcast day with soft light. Its nice to see the splash of color on the bottom.

We found the guys above in another pullout on an even worse snow day. We received a nice 30cm or so in Jasper. Chris and I mis-judged that pullout and managed to slide sideways down a small hill. Getting the truck out was an exercise in Canadian driving skill. First rocking the car back and forth between drive and reverse, then punching it out through the buildup provided by the plow. It was worth the effort.

Speaking of underrated birds, here is another specimen.

I have some eagles, and sheep and coyotes to come yet!


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