Residents of Boundary Bay

I just returned home from a great trip to Vancouver, BC. Vancouver and the surrounding can yield some excellent chances to see and photograph a number of birds we typically dont see in Alberta.

Although Jack and I did venture out there for the crazy bald eagleĀ congregationĀ in Brackendale, we did get to spend a day shooting south of Vancouver on the shore of Boundary Bay. We had heard about some snowy owls and the shoreline did not disappoint, although the owls weren’t as excited as we were.


So the snowies were exciting, we did get some great shots of a few other residents out and around the dyke.

This little short eared owl was not bothered at all by us and was all too happy to pose on this post.

Sometimes a common bird comes along like this robin and you end up getting some very pleasing results.

Look for some eagle shots from Brackendale in the next few days. I did take a whole bunch of shots and its taking me a while to get through them.

A big thanks to Henrik Nilsson for showing us around both in Brackendale and in Boundary Bay.

Hope your holidays are happy!


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