Costa Rica – Searching for Quetzals

A couple of days ago, we went to a national park of Costa Rica called Parque Nacional Los Quetzales. We found a farm close to the park offering tours to locate Quetzals. We had hired a guide however it was a bit late in the day and these birds will move to higher altitudes when the sun gets warmer.

We managed to find one however the photos weren’t very good. Coming from a country where most of the birds blend with a rather monochromatic environment, I found some of the other residents more interesting.

I believe both of these to be Chlorophonias. One a Golden-browed and the other I think is a Blue-crowned.

I believe the bird above is a Common Bush-Tanager.

It turns out these humming birds will need a bit more work to identify, they all look very similar so I will do a bit more research in the future on which ones they are.

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