Blue Lagoon – Nusa Ceningan

So far the trip has been great with new experiences on a daily basis.

We made the long so very long journey via air from Vancouver almost two weeks ago and although excited we crashed quickly at our hotel in Kuta, Bali, something of an Aussie Mexico.

Kuta’s got it all, if you like to shop for cheap trinkets or sarongs, hats, baskets, or Versace handbags, not really my kind of place but I can see the appeal when you learn how cheap a flight can be from Darwin, Down Under.

Since leaving we have really enjoyed the slow pace in Lembongan and its neighboring island Ceningan connected to Lembongan by way of a rickety old wooden suspension bridge wide enough for only one scooter at a time. The first time over was to overcome the fear of falling through one of the broken wooden slats, a logical fear supported by the noise of rattling old slats bearing the weight of you and your bike. A few more times over,┬áripping on my scooter “The Turquoise Terror” has become a timed sport.

Everyone here has been friendly and there are four different ways to say hello in Bahasa Indonesia based on the time of day.

We have enjoyed some delicious Balinese and Indonesian food, and hung out with a few friendly locals, eager to sell us snorkeling tours or motorcycle rentals.┬áIn fact last night a young waiter at a local sports bar trusted his life to me by jumping on the back of my bike for a ride to a beach party…After serving me two large Bintangs (over 1L of beer).

Kuta was not very photogenic however the natural beauty of Lembongan and Ceningan have left me inspired and I am getting out most days to photograph hidden cliffs and crashing waves.

In a few days we plan on heading to Lombok and I will have to leave The Turquoise Terror behind, for it I will have traded some memories.

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