More of Annapurna

I prefer to walk. Using just your feet to get around gives you the chance to explore more of the unexpected and investigate the little things. Simply stopping to get a closer look doesn’t take much more than a thought, your legs slow and your gaze focuses on whatever has interested you.

You can choose to approach an animal with a wandering focus in an effort not to scare it, or a fellow human with a smile.



Waterfalls were all around us, especially on the beginning part of the trek.

The many suspension bridge crossings offered a nice perspective of the raging river below.


Flowing water seemed to be everywhere, likely just a flow through from a nearby stream.


On the higher parts of the trail, there are only a few modes of transport. A couple of the more cost effective options are horseback and human. There is quite a jump in cost to helicopter.



This small village was a beautiful place to spend an evening. Most of our evening was spent on a second floor balcony overlooking the waterfall. We had to speak a little louder over the present roar of the water. I think that the thought of living here was on our minds.


Most of the people in the lower elevations grow their own food right there on a small piece of land. This lady gathering some bushels of rice was was a real find in wonderful light.


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