Beachscapes of Vancouver Island

The weather is something Victorians love to talk about, even more than the mainlanders…since our weather changes.

We do see our fair share of rain but for the landscape photographer its not so bad. Always mild, it was sunny last week an easy sell to get out for an evening shoot over two days.

This week more rain, so that means more Lightroom. I still have lots of photos to go through from Asia, but working on these landscapes was a welcome change.

It turns out there is still lots of island to discover, and winter time is an opportunity to get out and explore a bit. I had been up Sooke Road before however I hadn’t made the trip out to some of the more popular beaches. I guess they are popular for a reason.


The volume of water coming from each of these falls changes over the year, the tides and cloud cover change daily. With all of these variables I wonder if these conditions ever existed before, or will again.

I was glad to discover both of these little gems for myself and I will be back often to see how the light and the landscape changes over the spring.

I did even see a few little sea critters I look forward to capturing (photographically of course) when the rain stops.

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