crustulum stelleri

The sun was trying to break the clouds apart that morning, this is a sign to get up and out the door.

Goldstream Provincial Park is an interesting place. It’s easily accessible and the destination for many a school bus.

Despite the traffic, the walk along the Goldstream river always has some surprise interactions in store. The river provides diverse habitat to a number of species and because of the traffic they aren’t too shy.

The last day of 2014, I was after some eagles in that early morning light. Since the choice salmon flesh has been gone for a week or so, the eagles had dispersed no doubt feeling a little sleepy after their annual gorge.

The return journey has a success rate of 70%, I know this is statistically improbable.

It seems the park staff at Goldstream puts out delicious looking hippy cookies for the local wildlife to snack on. A group of Steller’s Jays (Cyanocitta stelleri) had moved in to grab a bite.

[exif id=”945″]

If I was to see free hippy cookies hanging from a tree, I would also call my friends over. I would make Jack taste them first and see if he freaks out.

[exif id=”946″]

[exif id=”947″]

I was glad for the forest background and the mossy logs to add a bit more interest to the image.

[exif id=”948″]

I was happy to find something to shoot that morning and came away with some pleasing images.

Enjoy those hippy cookies happy jays, rumor has it that even Stephen Harper enjoys the odd bird seed bar.

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