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Eagles of Costal BC – Part 2 – Portraits

Eagles in the Brackendale area are so abundant its possible to get some great results observing different behaviour and capturing some great eagle expressions. I have photographed many eagles over the past few years and […]

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Eagles of Costal BC – Part 1

2013 has been a busy year and I cannot believe its already the 29th of January. Blogging irregularly really illustrates how time can escape even the most attentive of people. I am not one of […]

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Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

Prince Rupert is a city of about 12,000 people on British Columbia’s western coast. I would have thought that few Canadians would venture this far north simply for tourism, however once I arrived I was […]

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Cirque d’Osprey

Driving up and down highway 95 between Golden and Radium offers a lot in the way of beautiful landscapes and the rich marsh offers much in the way wildlife. Especially abundant are the osprey nests […]

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Rocky Mountain Bighorns – Jasper National Park

Birhorn Sheep are a regular fixture on the roads and hills near the townsite of Jasper. Truckers must be annoyed by the impolite bighorns as they will not move from the highway, even after a […]

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Critters of Yellowstone

I was able to take a run by Yellowstone National Park earlier this month on my way back from a mountain bike excursion. I had never been before and I wondered what I could expect from a […]

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