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More Fuzz

The ducks were fuzzy and cute, but there were other fuzzy things to look at. The dandelion seeds were in especially good shape as the wind has been absent over the past few days. [exif […]

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Duckey Fuzz

The warmer temperatures are starting to be more consistent here on Vancouver Island. The grass has always been green and we have seen the cherry blossoms come and blow, mostly into the streets like we […]

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crustulum stelleri

The sun was trying to break the clouds apart that┬ámorning, this is a sign to get up and out the door. Goldstream Provincial Park is an interesting place. It’s easily accessible and the destination for […]

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Fishing with a Heron

Tod Inlet is a favorite walk among most islanders, a short hike crammed between the Butchart Gardens property and the south part of The Gowland Tod Provincial Park. The main trail follows Tod Creek all […]

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Sacred Monkey Forest – Ubud Indonesia

Ubud is a phenomenal city located nearer to┬áthe middle of Bali, far away from the chaos of Kuta. Often advertised as Bali’s cultural destination, Ubud is host to a healthy tourist industry although much more […]

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More of Annapurna

I prefer to walk. Using just your feet to get around gives you the chance to explore more of the unexpected and investigate the little things. Simply stopping to get a closer look doesn’t take […]

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