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Blue Lagoon – Nusa Ceningan

So far the trip has been great with new experiences on a daily basis. We made the long so very long journey via air from Vancouver almost two weeks ago and although excited we crashed […]

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Encounters with Canines

I spend most days with my camera, looking for interesting things to photograph. Sometimes I am in my vehicle driving along seldom used roads and at times even more seldom used “roads”. Other times I […]

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Bison of Northern British Columbia and The Yukon

A recent trip up to Northern, BC revealed that spring had not managed to visit the entire province equally. As we travelled north of Smithers the snow lining the side of the road grew closer […]

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A Few Costa Rican Predators

Besides the gringos on their downward slope of “the hill” there are lots of interesting lesser photographed predators in the tiny but nature packed Costa Rica. I managed to capture a few interesting┬áspecimens less food […]

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I was going through some past photos from Costa Rica and finally managed to get through all of the monkey shots. There are so many they could have typed a novel. Shooting in the morning […]

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Residents of Boundary Bay

I just returned home from a great trip to Vancouver, BC. Vancouver and the surrounding can yield some excellent chances to see and photograph a number of birds we typically dont see in Alberta. Although […]

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